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Since the foundation of JASPLASTIK, we have been keen on creating a comfortable work environment where job satisfaction would bring together both corporate and personal development. We know that it is people who are the cornerstone of successful and well functioning company and we therefore encourage the knowledge and skill development through workshops and training programs. JASPLASTIK is privately owned company with simple organizational structure which gives us great flexibility and speed in decision making processes.

Challenges & Opportunities:

Whether it's a decision to get into a completely new field of expertise or motivation to develop your current skills, we offer an opportunity to influence your career by joining our energetic and professional teams who daily contribute on improving products, finding new solutions and creating an added value and satisfaction to our customers around the globe. The scope of our activities is diverse and therefore you have an opportunity to develop yourself in preferred orientation or experience and be part of various departments and teams. We are looking for new members with enthusiasm and commitment for work that would create a valuable addition to our teams. We expect an active approach, initiative, ability to take responsibility and to be an inspiration for other colleagues in defining and achieving the common goals of a company.


In addition to an interesting salary, we offer various other benefits, but especially a work in a friendly environment, where recognition and respect play an indispensable role in well-done work.

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